A-129 / 5 Voiced/Unvoiced Detector

The module is no longer in production. The principle of the vocoder has problems with unvoiced modulator signals: For example, the hissing and explosive sounds when speaking (s, sh, t, p, etc.). If they are processed like vowels, the speech intelligibility of the result is usually not particularly high. That’s why vocoders often have modules … Read more

A-177-2 External Foot Controller II

The A-177-2 Foot Controller module is a connection module for a foot controller and a double foot switch. This is not simply a large-to-small multiple, but the module actively generates control voltages or gate signals that are controlled by electrically passive foot switches / foot controllers. A large-to-small multiple, on the other hand, would be … Read more

A-113 Subharmonic Generator

The Subharmonic Oscillator is a very unusual module that originated in Doepfer’s Trautonium project. Doepfer had implemented the necessary components of a Trautonium (a historical forerunner of today’s analog synthesizer by Friedrich Trautwein, 1888-1956) within the A-100 system. Unlike most other frequency dividers that output square wave signals, the A-113 produces sawtooth signals whose frequency … Read more

A-198 Trautonium Manual / Ribbon Controller

The A-198 Trautonium / Ribbon Controller originates from Doepfer’s Trautonium project, which attempted to recreate the components of a Trautonium using modern A-100 modules. Compared to the console of the original, the ribbon controller is playable with significantly less nuance: the original was a fine metal string with several centimeters of pressure travel. Of course, … Read more

A-117 Digital Noise / Random Clock / 808 Sound Source

The A-117 Digital Noise / Random Clock / 808 Sound Source module is a discontinued model and will no longer be produced in the future. Status: February 2024 The Digital Noise Generator A-117 creates random, short impulses. The frequency of these pulses can basically be controlled, namely via the “Rate” controller or alternatively via an … Read more

A-160-5 Voltage Controlled Clock Multiplier / Ratcheting Controller

Ratcheting controllers are still somewhat unusual tools in the modular world. Tangerine Dream already used them to create exciting sequences almost 50 years ago. What does a ratcheting controller do? Basically we have the opposite of a clock divider (such as the A-160-2): An incoming clock signal is multiplied, if possible in such a way … Read more

A-168-1 PWM Generator

The A-168-1 is a small auxiliary module that generates a square or pulse oscillation that can be modulated in width for LFOs or VCOs without a square/pulse. This is an interesting feature for LFOs in particular, since almost all LFOs can generate a fixed, symmetrical square wave (at least the A-146 is capable of manually … Read more

A-167 Analog Comparator / Subtractor / Offset Generator

The module is no longer in production. The A-167 Analog Comparator can compare voltages with each other and generate a gate signal. There are many possibilities: comparison of two external voltages, comparison of a voltage (normal or inverted) with a positive or negative threshold value, comparison of the difference between two external voltages with a … Read more

A-154 Sequencer Controller

The A-154 Sequencer Controller can control one or two A-155 Sequencers and greatly expands their functionality. The connection between A-154 and A-155 is made directly on the circuit boards via ribbon cables. The clock signals of the A-154 and all control functions are transmitted here. A clock that can be synchronized and support for “16 … Read more

A-160-2 Clock/Trigger Divider II

The A-160-2 actually does exactly what I always wanted from a clock divider. It splits an incoming clock signal in a “musical” way. What does that mean? A simple clock divider like the old A-160-1 counts the input triggers, so to speak, and always divides them into two equal halves, depending on the division factor. … Read more