Everything about the Doepfer A-100 analog modular System

This web site is derived from my (german) book about the Doepfer A-100 “Das große Buch zum Doepfer A-100 analog modulart System”.

When I wanted to put together my own modular system, there was lots of information – but unfortunately spread out on different sources and with different focus. Many websites and forums about (modular) synthesizers, a few good books, some helpful conversations with experts in the music trade, many small PDF files to the modules from Doepfer and a lot more.

The wide range of modules from Doepfer was appealing to me: Reasonable prices and very good build quality. So my own modular system became a “pure” Doepfer system. Not because other manufacturers would not offer excellent technology, too: There are definitely lots of “treasures”, but for me it had to be a uniform operating concept and design.

From this “monoculture” and my own somewhat laborious searching for “what do I need as a starting point / next?” at some point there was the idea to write things together more systematically. No “advertising magazine” for Doepfer, but a friendly and critical overview of more than 100 modules.

This is of course far from being “objective”. E.g. the A-112 is a module I find truly difficult to use, but it has loyal fans that make quite amazing things with it.

Soon it became obvious that such a book could never be mass compatible – modular systems are quite a “special specialty”. So this book would probably not be possible to be produced with a “normal” publisher. Hence the “Idea Rabbit” was founded to do it at my own risk and own fun for a few modular nerds. I had lots of fun writing it – hopefully this shines through the text and helps to promote creative ideas with modular systems.

Have fun!
Andreas Krebs