A-171-4 Quad VC Slew Limiter

The A-171-4 Quad Slew Limiter is the youngest member of Doepfer’s family of polyphonic modules. What they all have in common is a four-fold layout of the functionality. All of these are influenced by common controllers and/or common control voltages. In addition, all Poly modules (at least in current production) have the option of internal … Read more

A-170 Dual Slew Limiter

The A-170 Dual Slew Limiter smooths control voltages – abrupt changes are “smeared” in the process. Switched before the frequency control of an oscillator, this function causes the well-known “portamento”, which transforms a jump on the keyboard into a slurred note. The two sub-modules differ, the upper slew limiter only allows a simple adjustment of … Read more

A-167 Analog Comparator / Subtractor / Offset Generator

The module is no longer in production. The A-167 Analog Comparator can compare voltages with each other and generate a gate signal. There are many possibilities: comparison of two external voltages, comparison of a voltage (normal or inverted) with a positive or negative threshold value, comparison of the difference between two external voltages with a … Read more

A-172 Maximum / Minimum Selector / Rectifier

The module is no longer in production. The A-172 maximum/minimum selector leaves many “modularists” at a loss at first. A module that selects and makes available both the maximum and the minimum voltage from up to four input signals may appear too “mathematical” or intricate. In fact, the module is a surprisingly easy-to-use tool for … Read more