A-177-2 External Foot Controller II

The A-177-2 Foot Controller module is a connection module for a foot controller and a double foot switch. This is not simply a large-to-small multiple, but the module actively generates control voltages or gate signals that are controlled by electrically passive foot switches / foot controllers. A large-to-small multiple, on the other hand, would be … Read more

A-144 Morphing Controller

The module is no longer in production. The A-144 Morphing Controller generates control voltages that are used, for example, to regulate four linear VCAs of a voltage-controlled mixer in such a way that the four input signals of the mixer are morphed one after the other. The A-135-1 or A-135-2 Voltage Controlled Mixer and the … Read more

A-198 Trautonium Manual / Ribbon Controller

The A-198 Trautonium / Ribbon Controller originates from Doepfer’s Trautonium project, which attempted to recreate the components of a Trautonium using modern A-100 modules. Compared to the console of the original, the ribbon controller is playable with significantly less nuance: the original was a fine metal string with several centimeters of pressure travel. Of course, … Read more