A-113 Subharmonic Generator

The Subharmonic Oscillator is a very unusual module that originated in Doepfer’s Trautonium project. Doepfer had implemented the necessary components of a Trautonium (a historical forerunner of today’s analog synthesizer by Friedrich Trautwein, 1888-1956) within the A-100 system. Unlike most other frequency dividers that output square wave signals, the A-113 produces sawtooth signals whose frequency … Read more

A-160-5 Voltage Controlled Clock Multiplier / Ratcheting Controller

Ratcheting controllers are still somewhat unusual tools in the modular world. Tangerine Dream already used them to create exciting sequences almost 50 years ago. What does a ratcheting controller do? Basically we have the opposite of a clock divider (such as the A-160-2): An incoming clock signal is multiplied, if possible in such a way … Read more

A-160-2 Clock/Trigger Divider II

The A-160-2 actually does exactly what I always wanted from a clock divider. It splits an incoming clock signal in a “musical” way. What does that mean? A simple clock divider like the old A-160-1 counts the input triggers, so to speak, and always divides them into two equal halves, depending on the division factor. … Read more