A-113 Subharmonic Generator

The Subharmonic Oscillator is a very unusual module that originated in Doepfer’s Trautonium project. Doepfer had implemented the necessary components of a Trautonium (a historical forerunner of today’s analog synthesizer by Friedrich Trautwein, 1888-1956) within the A-100 system. Unlike most other frequency dividers that output square wave signals, the A-113 produces sawtooth signals whose frequency … Read more

A-198 Trautonium Manual / Ribbon Controller

The A-198 Trautonium / Ribbon Controller originates from Doepfer’s Trautonium project, which attempted to recreate the components of a Trautonium using modern A-100 modules. Compared to the console of the original, the ribbon controller is playable with significantly less nuance: the original was a fine metal string with several centimeters of pressure travel. Of course, … Read more

A-104 Trautonium Formant Filter

The module is inspired by Friedrich Trautwein’s Trautonium, a forerunner of today’s synthesizer. The Trautonium became particularly well-known through the work of Oskar Sala, who used it to produce the film music for Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. However, other composers of the 20th century also composed for the trautonium, such as Paul Hindemith. In principle, the … Read more