Basic knowledge

In the following “chapters” I would like to present some basics of modular synthesizers (especially the Doepfer A-100 system):

Chapter 1: From a book to a website and why
Here you can find out a few details about the creation of this website and why there was a book on the A-100 in the first place.

Chapter 2: Synthesizer basics
The basics. Wie funktioniert ein (analoger) Synthesizer und warum ist Spannungssteuerung so wichtig.

Chapter 3: Generating tones and noise
At the beginning of the modular sound generation there are modules that can generate tones or noises.

Chapter 4: Filter without coffee?
Classic subtractive synthesis. The generated tones and noises are trimmed by filters.

Chapter 5: Other sound shapers
Not only filters can change tones and noises. All about waveshapers & Co.

Chapter 6: Mix, Amplify, Distribute
Several sound sources come together, are separated again and finally get a volume curve.

Chapter 7: Modulators – sounds are moved
After a long preliminary banter, the “heart” of the modern synthesizer: Everything discussed before can also be controlled automatically with voltages!

Chapter 8: Strange but useful modules
What else is there – and these are certainly not the least important modules!

Chapter 9: Polyphony in the A-100
Finally there are practicable approaches for polyphonic modules – new chapter!