A-150-8 Octal Manual/Voltage Controlled Programmable Switches

The A-150-8 is a very extensively equipped module that provides a total of 8 programmable 1:2 or 2:1 switches. What is programmable? Two LEDs per switch indicate which of the two “I/O” sockets on the left is connected to the “O/I” socket on the right. So we can either switch between two input signals at … Read more

A-155 Analog/Trigger Sequencer

The A-155 Analog / Trigger Sequencer is a well-equipped 2 x 8 step sequencer with three trigger tracks, one gate track and two control voltage tracks. Triggers 1 and 2 are always alternative, as are trigger 3 and the gate signal. Separate settings for “glide” (portamento) can be made for the two control voltages. In … Read more