A-114 Ring Modulator

From a mathematical point of view, a ring modulator forms the product of two signals and then subtracts the sum of the signals from it: a * b – (a + b) Unfortunately, this great formula does not make us any smarter in terms of sound. Actually, this is “only” amplitude modulation, which, in contrast … Read more

A-126 Voltage Controlled Frequency Shifter

The module is no longer in production. Unfortunately, the VC Frequency Shifter is no longer available because one of the components used is no longer manufactured. In principle, however, the task of the missing component could be taken over by an A-143-9 Quadrature LFO or an A-110-4 Quadrature Thru Zero VCO, so that this particular … Read more

A-133-2 Dual VC Polarizer

The A-133-2 is a dual voltage controlled polarizer, meaning its input signals (audio or control voltages) can be amplified like a traditional VCA. With a negative control voltage or a corresponding manual setting, the input signals are amplified in inverted form. An input, a control voltage input, an output, as well as a manual controller … Read more